Our Human Performance training programs are based on the Institute of Nuclear Operations Human Performance Tools for Workers, Supervisors and Managers using the following Tools.

Briefing Tools

  • Job Site Task Preview
  • Pre-Job Brief
  • Post-Job Preview
  • Turnover

Situational Awareness Tools

  • Questioning Attitude
  • Stop When Unsure
  • Care Enough To Act

Communication Tools

  • Effective Verbal Communication
  • Three-Way Communication
  • Phonetic Alphabet & Numbers

Checking Tools

  • First Check
  • Self Check
  • Peer Check

Procedure Tools

  • Procedure Use
  • Procedure Adherance
  • Place-Keeping

Verification & Flagging Tools

  • Independent Verification
  • Concurrent Verification
  • Flagging

Training consists of instructor lead classroom sessions and interactive workshops analysing actual events caused by Human Performance errors.

Final Evaluations are performed and evaluated using an Electronic Human Performance Trainer (HuPerT®).

For more details, contact humanperformance@sed.bz