HuPerT Water Dynamic Learning Activity (DLA) is an advanced Human Performance device that promotes and enhances teamwork by allowing two separate teams of people to demonstrate their Human Performance communication skills using handheld radios. The teams will also demonstrate their Human Performance procedural compliance skills using the DLA.

The DLA teams’ procedures will allow Supervisors to learn Human Performance supervisory skills such as coaching and evaluating the Worker’s effectiveness. After personnel are initially trained in Human Performance using HuPerT devices, the HuPerT Water DLA will be used for continuing learning in Human Performance, as well as, remedial training and evaluating after an error event has occurred to identified areas for improvement.


  • DLA expands the scope of HuPerT human performance training and evaluation programs
  • DLA incorporates a pump, valves, level and power indicators.
  • Allows Trainers to increase number of students being evaluated (i.e. workers and support teams)
  • Allows training to be done in two locations out of visual contact.
  • Incorporates radio communication training
  • Use as an accessory for HuPerT series training
  • No power supply required
  • Wheeled carrying case allows for ease of transportation