HuPerT® is a Human Performance Trainer developed to minimize and eliminate Human Performance Errors. ROPA Technologies Training Program has been designed to train and evaluate in accordance with the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO®) Human Performance Guidelines and Standards and also the Department of Energy (DOE) Handbook #1 and Handbook #2. 

This CRITICAL component of employee training utilizes the highest standard of human performance training tools available.

HuPerT® offers interactive team training, individual coaching, and an evaluation component that was designed to enhance participation and empower the workforce. Whether individuals are new to the concept or have had prior training, Dynamic Learning Activities (DLA’s) have been developed to test current skill levels and use of the human performance training tools. Using HuPerT® in conjunction with overlapping defences, barriers, and controls will improve overall resilience against Human Performance errors and minimize the probability of an event.

Create an opportunity for your Employees, Supervisors and Managers to practice their Human Performance Tools in an interactive training environment. Contact ROPA Technologies today to see how we can help:

  • Build Individual Accountability
  • Maximize Profit Margins
  • Improve Management-Employee Relations
  • Enhance Organizational Safety Culture
  • Minimize Human Performance Error
  • Increase Employee Engagement, Fulfillment, and Satisfaction
  • Reactive to Proactive Management

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