Human Performance for Workers Training Course

Our premier Human Performance for Workers training course is led on-site, or presented virtually by experienced classroom instructors to ensure workers have developed the HU knowledge and skills required to perform event-free assignments by providing:

  • graphic presentation lectures,
  • group assignments,
  • case studies,
  • course manual and reference materials, and
  • evaluation sessions.

Although the primary audience for this course is front-line workers and their Supervisors, Managers and Support Staff will find the contents of the course useful in carrying out their roles and responsibilities in support of work execution. When Supervisors and Managers understand how their organizations work, they are better able to identify and eliminate latent conditions that either promote error or worsen the events triggered by error.

In this course, the workers will demonstrate this knowledge by monitoring equipment on a HuPerT® Training Device and/or HuPerT® DLA to ensure parameters are in the correct configuration and functioning properly.

The workers will complete graded module exams and comprehensive exams, as well as complete the training on the Human Performance DLAs and/or HuPerT®. Workers who receive a pass rate of 80% will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Full evaluation feedback will be given to you on all of your workers who attend the training. This will allow you to set up performance monitoring focused on the areas needing improvement as recommended by our Instructors.

Training course delivery is offered virtually, or at various locations to suit your company needs.

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