ROPA Technologies Inc. provides the latest in Human Performance management SAT compliant training. Our course content provides workers with practical expertise to assess latent errors, and to mitigate those latent errors that lead to error events in the work place.

Although companies and plants are designed to provide robust overlapping defences, barriers, controls and safeguards, the Human Performance element is critical in the overall health of its employees, the environment, and company profits. The focus is on pro-active measures as opposed to reactive measures, with an attitude of attentiveness rather than complacency. Our learning objectives are based on INPO Human Performance Tools for Workers, Supervisors and other Knowledge Workers.

Using HuPerT® and our Water Dynamic Learning Activity to train your employees for improved performance in conjunction with these controls will improve a company’s resilience against human error and minimize the probability of an error event.

HuPerT® has been successfully used for training an extensive range of workers including: Operators, Maintenance, Contractors, Management, and Onboarding. Our course content enhances your workers skillset by providing them with the specific tools necessary to assess error potential.

Our Courses are ideal for the following types of Training situations:

  • Initial Training for New Hires,
  • Refresher Training for Experienced Hires, and
  • Remedial Training for when there is a failure of the Initial or Refresher Training or after an error event has been determined to have had Human Performance contributing factors.

Topics covered in our Human Performance Training Courses include:

  • Briefings,
  • Effective Communications,
  • Procedures,
  • Situational Awareness,
  • Checking, and Verification.

At ROPA Technologies Inc. we care about the support we provide with our products and services. We are committed to assisting you in taking your organization to an unrivalled level of safety and productivity. We have developed our services with that care and support for our customers in mind.