This letter is to acknowledge the tremendous service and effort put forth by Larry Fisher in supporting my Operations Training team. Use of the HuPert hardware trainer has been a perfect springboard to discussions within our human performance training to reinforce core principles and affect the culture change we are seeking.
Larry's vast experience and expertise within the human performance field has helped facilitate and inspire our training delivery and approach and his follow-up service and support has been second-to-none.
The quality of the HuPert and DLA machines has been fantastic. The machines are rugged and built for the road. The displays are easy to read and presented in the challenging way in which they were designed.
The experience with Larry and the SED team is one I highly recommend in taking any training program involving complex processes to the next level!

Steve Shaw - Manager – Conservative Operations and Ops Training
Ameren Missouri Development and Resource Center

…we were the first users that had to perform our initial training virtually due to COVID-19. I was initially concerned that would impact the training but was thoroughly impressed with how well the training sessions went with you and your staff. We have converted all of the vendor programs so that they mimic the appearance of our site procedures and established the dedicated Human Performance Improvement lab with multiple Dynamic Learning Activities. The HuPerTs are the keystone feature of the lab and are utilized after we have ran work groups through some of the less complex learning activities.
Now that we have additional HPI Practitioners trained on the HuPerTs we have expanded their use dramatically. The HPI Lab is currently over 80% booked for use over the next four months. We have received very positive feedback from the students that have participated in the training and can see how their knowledge and understanding of HPI principles increase with the use of these hands-on learning activities.

Daryl Smoldt - Savannah River Nuclear Solutions (SRNS)

We are using the HUPERT and, so far, the equipment has improved human performance in several ways: 1st - we are using three way communication much more effectively. 2nd - it has made the workers aware of the phonetic alphabet and how easily a mistake can be made in communication if they don’t use it. HUPERT is a tool with great value; it has turned into friendly competition between groups of craftsmen. It is making us pay closer attention to procedures and follow them exactly, without putting our crafts into actual plant situations. If practice makes perfect, HUPERT will save us a lot of trouble in the years to come.

Clark F. Baker - Training Manager
Advanced Test Reactor Training Program