How to Avoid Mistakes in the Workplace

Making mistakes is human nature; we are not robots.  Human error is the No. 1 cause of downtime and accidents in the workplace.  But how can you prevent mistakes in the workplace?

We can help in 5 steps:

  • Minimize human error.
  • Build individual accountability.
  • Improve management-employee relations.
  • Enhance the safety culture.
  • Maximize profit margins.

All these steps can be reached through the Human Performance Fundamentals Program.  This program provides a set of practical methods to anticipate, prevent, and catch errors related to hands-on work and describes human performance methods commonly used by operations and maintenance personnel.  That is, anyone who touches plant equipment can alter its status.  Although the primary audience for this program is front-line workers, their supervisors, managers, and support staff may find the course useful in carrying out their roles and responsibilities.  To support this program, ROPA Technologies Inc. developed HuPerT® — a human performance trainer.  It has been designed to aid in training and evaluating staff and to support the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO®) Human Performance Guidelines and Standards, as well as the Department of Energy (DOE) Handbook #1 and Handbook #2.

At POWERGEN 2024, we will present the HuPerT® 2000 and the HuPerT® DLA-03 training devices, manufactured by Special Electronics & Designs Inc.  These devices are designed specifically for the Human Performance Fundamentals Training Program.

  • HuPerT® 1000/2000 and HuPerT® DLA-03; together with HU Tools for Managers, Supervisors and Workers; provides the best solutions in preventing mistakes in the workplace.
  • HuPerT® 1000 is perfect for stationary use and for any training program levels: Initial Training for New Hires, Continuing Training for Experienced Hires, or Remedial Training and Continuing Training.
  • HuPerT® 2000 is a portable version of HuPerT® The purpose of creating HuPerT® 2000 is to conduct training in remote locations away from the central enterprise.
  • HuPerT® DLA-03 portable training device plugs into either HuPerT® model and expands the scope of HuPerT® human performance training and evaluation programs. The DLA allows trainers to increase the number of workers being evaluated (i.e., workers and support teams), allows training to be done in two locations out of visual contact, and incorporates radio communication training.

Let our team help your team maximize profit, improve relations on all levels, enhance safety culture, and minimize human error.
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Source: EnergyPowerNews