HuPerT® Dynamic Learning Activity-03

The DLA-03 (Dynamic Learning Activity) offers a convenient plug-and-play option for the HuPerT® model, bringing an exciting enhancement to human performance training and evaluation programs. With this addition, trainers have the ability to broaden the scope of their evaluations to include a larger pool of workers and support teams. Additionally, the DLA-03 allows for training to be conducted in multiple locations, even when participants are out of visual range. The unit also incorporates valuable radio communication training, making it an even more comprehensive and versatile tool.

Product Features:
  • DLA unit plugs into either HuPerT® model.
  • DLA expands the scope of HuPerT® human performance training and evaluation programs.
  • Allows Trainers to increase the number of workers being evaluated (i.e. workers and support teams).
  • Allows training to be done in two locations out of visual contact.
  • Incorporates radio communication training.
  • Accessory program with 43 steps used when the DLA unit is connected to the HuPerT® 1000 or HuPerT® 2000 model. This program is designed to focus on the teamwork element of Human Performance training by incorporating a local and remote team using radio communications.
  • All of the above Program Features may be used during:
    • Initial Training for New Hires,
    • Continuing Training for Experienced Hires, and
    • Remedial Training for when there is a failure of the Initial or Continuing Training or after an error event has been determined to have had Human Performance contributing factors.
Product Specifications:
  • 6 LED Indicator Lamps
  • Control switches
  • Allows for magnetic Place Keeping Flagging Devices
  • Utilizes pump, valves, level and power indicators
  • Durable travel case with extendable handle and wheels
  • 12” height, 12” width, 21” depth
  • Interconnection cable (standard 25′ included) – no power supply required
  • 1-Year Parts Warranty
  • 1-Year Technical Support
  • Product Manual Revision Updates